A Hub of Diversity Part 1

A Hub of Diversity Part 1

The Wales Millenium Centre is a great place commence your day when visiting the country. Night after night it is host to huge stage shows that cover a diverse range of topics, themes and cultures that is hard to find at any other show venue around. With everything from live music to ballet, opera and everything in between the WMC does not dissapoint those who are wise enough to attend.

Before the Show

Its Glanfa area is an open space that is used in a versatile set of ways to display everything from free performances to gallery installations. Here you may well get a taste of something completely different as you await the magic of your chosen show. Also, in this area is their restaurant Ffresh, which sports a menu created by their head Chef Marc Corfield known for his previous work in a Michellin star restaurant. Expect exquisitely prepared dishes with hand picked sauces that compliment the flavoursome features on the plate. Guests can enjoy three courses here and indulge in some fine cheeses and bask in the mouthwateringly sweet desserts before they pull themselves away for the show. There are also theatre and wine bars fully stocked for pre-show drinkers who want to unwind a little beforehand. Enjoy ales and a selection of Caffi their in-house coffee shop is also at hand to stimulate colder guests with a hot caffeine kick. The menu here includes what can be expected from any modern caffe with latte’s and flat whites available in a flash. All of these areas have their own visual stimulus too whether that be the front of the modern building with the cutaway words allowing a partial view outdoors. Or you may be overlooking the bay itself from a wide window space, soaking up the sea as you relax.

What’s On

With a few drinks hot or cold inside you, the shows that take stage here will really make your night. Currently running is the brilliant wicked. This show that has grown big enough to walk far from its origin on Broadway is the unique retelling of the wizard of Oz from the perspective of the ‘wicked’ Witch. With Dorothy out of the picture this theatrical number tells the story of the previously overlooked Elphaba, who has her own dreams and ideals all the while competing with the fact that her skin is an off-putting green. With flying monkeys, delusional scientists and goody two shows classmates, Wicked shows the other side of the coin as far a the famous story goes with spectacle, shocks and memorable orchestral numbers to boot. The story here is so cleverly contradictory to the one you know that it will have you questioning the apparent antagonists in everything you watch afterwards. After spending more time in the wonderful land of Oz with all its bizarre creatures and diverse set of characters, there is no doubt that when you leave the theatre here you will have an entirely new grasp on the story that first hit audiences way back in 1939.