Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 1

Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 1

On the far opposite side of Cardiff, westward from Wrexham, off the north coast of Wales is Anglesey, an island only connected by a pair of bridges. Although it remains separate from the mainland, this disconnected entity remains both Welsh and incredibly popular despite its detachment from the soil. Home to Hollyhead which is an incredibly bust destination for ferries, carting millions each year from its shores to Ireland and further, this stretch of land reaching out into the Irish Sea has a great deal to offer.

Bountiful Beaches

Thanks to it being an island Anglesey has an infinite coastline which means no matter where you go, you won’t be too far from a beach, so if hitting the sun lounger or playing dead on a towel is your type of getaway, you are in luck. Both the Welsh and the British love a good day at the seaside so expect to see plenty of folk lapping up whatever sun comes their way, as well as the tokens of a UK beach such as ice creams on cones, fish and chips and possibly a donkey ride or two. Depending on which beach you pick, you can expect a different atmosphere, so make sure you select one that aligns with your preferences. Places like Benllech are popular thanks to their broad sandy beaches, but there are quieter destinations such as more secluded semi-pebble beaches like Church Bay or quiet coves such as Porth Dafarch.

However, if you aren’t one for simply getting a tan, there are plenty of engaging activities available to keep you entertained by the sea. Sailing, surfing, kayaking and more water sports can all be found here so make sure you pack a wetsuit. Diving classes are also available at Hollyhead, which introduce a fantastic opportunity to really see the sea in a more relaxed manner. The classes here provide training for absolute beginners so there is no previous experience needed.

Sea Inside

If the weather isn’t great outside but you want to get close to the waters – there is always the Anglesey Sea Zoo, which is Wales’ largest marine aquarium. Here young ones and adults can marvel at a vast selection of creatures that live in the water, including featured favourites like their lobster hatchery and the adorable and tiny sea horse nursery. Visit their wave tank where two tonnes of water splashes in every minute, then watch as the sea anemones and other sea life reacts to the changes. In the rock pools you can see urchins and crabs just like you will encounter out on the beaches, without having to spend all day searching. There are over forty tanks here that stretch around the huge semi-dark indoor areas, where you can marvel at rays, sharks, jellyfish octopi and more. If you plan to stay longer there is also a restaurant and some play areas for kids who need to let off some steam. With select talks from expert biologists, interactive exhibits and plenty more this is a fun, mesmerising and educational place to stop by.