Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 2

Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 2

Gorgeous Gardens

Thanks to the weather of Wales which brings plenty of water as well as some scorching coastal sun rays, the plant life here has a chance to thrive. On top of this the National Garden Scheme is a caretaking initiative which oversees the restoration and upkeep of gardens here, supported by the donations given by visitors the idea here is to make sure that all of the wonderful locations remain preserved and are expanded without overreaching. What this means for visitors is that there are a bunch of natural getaway spots where you can escape into greenery for next to nothing.

The Plas Cadnant Gardens are one of these places, with its restoration beginning back in 1996 the flora of this 200 acre estate continue to flourish. What’s most exciting about this is that the gardens are hidden from sight and require you to wander down a pathway that eventually guides you into a bright and colourful world of plants and trees that you would never have though could be kept hidden away. It is gardens like this that have inspired so many tales about the unexplainable things in nature. Fairies, nymphs, fawns and other creatures can all be imagined as part of the vivid fantasy environment that these hundreds of flowers help create.

Another destination is Plas Newydd, where an 18th century manor house and its gardens are all open to the public. In spring you can walk through the five acres of pink and purple blooming Rhododendrons, while Autumn visitors can enjoy the typical oranges of the season and the beautiful blues of the hydrangeas. As you wander through the grounds here you can take time out at the tearoom while children can play endlessly in the adventure garden, and eventually take something away from the gift shop.

Wondrous Walks

If you enjoy taking some time out in the gardens here it is likely you are partial to a good walk. Anglesey’s climate, size and terrain make it a fantastic place for walkers, whether you choose to visit in the heat or in the cold, the views don’t stop being breathtaking. Depending on how much you want to be on your feet, or how many sites you want to cram in there are many public footpaths you can use to freestyle your day out. If you want to maximise your stay however the local company Anglesey Walking Holidays are ready to share their award winning insight and cater to your needs for the best walks around. Take the coasts or the hills, head through towns and see the castles all at your own pace here, their packages are totally customisable so that you get to do everything you want and nothing you don’t. They will provide you with maps, guides and transport you to and from where ever you feel you don’t want to walk. They can also take care of your accommodation and show you where is best to eat, which covers all your planning, meaning you can relax, enjoy the beautiful views, plants, animals and open air all without a care.