Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 3

Anglesey – Wales’ Most Exciting Island – Part 3

History and Nature

There are many different activities available for you to explore while in Anglesey, whether you want to delve into some ancient history or if you prefer the rural natural outdoors there is plenty to keep visitors happy. First of all, the castles here are popular tourist attraction, bringing thousands of curious guests inside there walls every year. Castell Aberlleiniog was very recently opened up to the public, originally built in 1080 this Norman structure was constructed with wood. Placed in the spot here strategically so that they could visually communicate with another castle, the timber structure that once stood here has long since disappeared and by the 17th Century the stonework that now stands here was built over it. This place has been painstakingly restored steadily since 2008 and now can be seen from the inside by those who choose to visit.

Beaumaris Castle is the real big hitter here though. An unfinished feat of great design this expansive and intricate castle is named as one of the finest of its era. Today you can visit the grounds, walk over the moat and see the walls and battlements still intact, then enter the huge courtyard space at the centre to really get a feel for the scale of the building. As the guides will explain to you when you visit the structure here is iconic in that it is not only concentric (meaning there are walls within walls) but it is also symmetrical. Any fan of castles or indeed buildings from earlier times should make sure they check this place of their list.

If you prefer the sights and sounds of the great outdoors instead, you will have to choose how you want to get around and what you wan to interact with. Walking or cycling are both very viable options with terrific countryside riding routes that take you through fields, over hills with expansive sea views and across the sandy flats for a steady change of pace. Of course, a much more exciting way to take in the greenery is
to ride horseback. At the Anglesey Riding Centre you can learn how to mount and ride a horse or pony and take it for a trot around their five miles of property.

You are in luck if you want to sample the untouched beauty of the island or want to see some animals in their habitats because Anglesey is officially sanctioned as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Not only does this mean that there are certainly many areas where you will be awestruck by the sights but also the powers that be are doing what they can to keep it that way. Scientific study, plant and animal conservation and protection all occur here so you can be happy in knowing these wonders aren’t going anywhere fast. Take a visit to the Dingle Local Nature Reserve yourself and be awestruck by the thriving life their both big and small. Anglesey has all of this available and more, which makes it a wonderful place to getaway, and one that should not be overlooked.