Best Welsh Christmas Markets – Part 1

Best Welsh Christmas Markets – Part 1

Wales is not known for its warm winters. Instead the beaches become deserted and the crowds start to fill out the cities and towns instead, with warm yellow lights and trees covered in colour, Christmas time is still a wonderful time to visit. To get the best out of your shopping spree and to see the most unique things each individual town has to offer, you may want to find a Christmas market. With pop up stalls just here for December, you can enjoy food, cloths gifts and more from in and outside of the Welsh borders as sellers come from all over to join in the festive fun.

Swansea Christmas Market

Starting in November and lasting up until the 20th of December, Swansea’s Oxford Street gets converted into a delightful marketplace perfect for some winter shopping. From the stream of quaint wooden stalls all lined with tinsel, bells and all manner of Christmas regalia visitors will be able to peruse the hard work of many small businesses as they enjoy a fantastic selection of consumables and collectibles. From hand crafted and personalized gifts that will appeal to both adults and children, to temporary food stalls that will be serving bento boxes, burritos, burgers (and of course other foods that don’t begin with the letter B) to keep you warm inside and out. The real treat comes from the custom treats that vendors will have available such as indulgent handmade chocolates, smooth and sugary custom-made fudges and toffees and for those who intend to start early this Christmas several festively flavoured alcoholic beverages will be available. The little ones will also be pleased to see that there is also a Santa’s grotto, so they can get in their requests early and sit on the jolly fat man’s lap for a photo.

Cardiff Christmas Market

Running all the way up to Christmas Eve Eve (or the 23rd of December for those of you who don’t count backwards), this expansive Market conversion of Cardiff City Centre turns the regular streets into an inviting Festive festival. With a huge array of vendors that make up over 200 exhibitors, the market itself can’t even handle the number of different items here, so many will switch out as the days roll on. This means that for those spending their Christmas in Cardiff, this massive market begs a return visit or two. Expect your senses to overload as you work your way round the labyrinth of desirables on display here, with scented candles and bath bombs filling the air, flashing lights and colourful knitwear overloading your eyes, and roasted chestnuts and lovingly baked goods tantalising your tongue. There is unquestionably something for everyone here whether you want something new for your kitchen; your bedroom or even the garden there will be a stall with your name on it. All of this happens while Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland is happening too, which adds ice skating, a French Alps themed bar and an entire funfair to the list of activities in the city.