Best Welsh Christmas Markets – Part 2

Best Welsh Christmas Markets – Part 2

Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Annual Winter Craft & Gift Fair

If you like crafts you will be in heaven here, if you like food (and who doesn’t) then you will also be filling your basket with treats all day at this creative mix of mini stores. Artisans from around the country flock here to sell their wares in all shapes and sizes, whether you want carefully made ceramics, fine woodwork and much more. But the crafts aren’t only for dedicated collectors and specialists; you can also find some great specialty pieces for your home or for your family. Photographers and artists will also be here providing large and small prints that will brighten up any room just as the multiple jewelers here will be showcasing a platter of wearables that anyone will find inviting. Food wise, get ready to whet your appetite, as the selection of edible items here is mouth watering. From jams and conserves to fancy cheeses and prime cuts of meat all the way to family made wines, you will be regret ordering your Christmas hamper in minutes at this fair. The 80+ stalls here are open for eight weeks over the Christmas period so don’t feel you need to rush if you are in the area.

Conwy’s Winterfest

For something quite drastically different from your standard Christmas celebration, the town of Conwy ion the North coast of Wales has its annual Winterfest which instead of parading a string of colourful elves down the streets instead has its patrons donned in suits of armour!

That’s right the walled town, and home of the largely intact Conwy Castle is fond of its medieval heritage and chooses the season of Advent to showcase a town wide treat for all of its inhabitants and the hundreds of visitors. The parade begins with a court jester (the closest thing you will see to an elf) dancing merrily through the narrow streets in his colourful garments before he is followed by a precession of knights on horseback carrying flaming torches that really help create the atmosphere of yesteryear. Here you can watch all their shiny armour plates and heavy chainmail glisten in the soft light of the fires as they work their way through town to where the real action happens. Follow the ye old merry songs sung by the bards and played on lutes as they direst you to Lancaster Square for sword fighting. Here skilled men with much mettle will square off against one another as crowds gather to hear the clashing of steel and to see the one true victor and master swordsman. And if all of this excitement has you amending your Christmas list then you will be delighted to find that the nearby Knight Shop sells armour, weaponry and all kinds of licensed fantasy memorabilia. There will also be stalls selling toys of the past, a fantastic butcher for your own family feast, galleries with medieval style art and much more. If you are planning on doing something different this Christmas – look no further than the high stonewalls of Conwy town.