Wales As A Setting For A Modern Western

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Wales As A Setting For A Modern Western

Hinterland is a crime series set in Wales that highlights the beauty of the countryside. Many TV viewers should well receive this access; after all, the show was last in its third season. The BBC produced the show and sold it to 100 countries around the world. Experts describe it as a form of the modern western. This scores with remote locations all over the country. Hinterland became a huge TV-Hit. (more…)

Snowdonia National Park

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Snowdonia National Park

In Snowdonia National Park you can admire the beautiful landscape, the peaks of low but impressive mountains. The highest mountain in Wales and the second highest peak in all of Britain is Snowdown Mountain (1085 meters). So, what can be done here and what are the reviews from travelers? (more…)

Culture and Etiquette of The Welsh – Wales Tourism

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Travelling to Wales is indeed a delight for people around the region as well as foreigners. Being a legal part of the United Kingdom, most of the culture and etiquette is the same as it is in other parts of the United Kingdom. It is crucial to be polite to every member of the society and remembering to use your thank yous and pleases, well. Talking loudly is frowned upon by people, and those who do are considered to be very blunt and rude. Touching when talking or conversing with people is not known to be received well either. Always remember to maintain your personal bubble as well as others. Timeliness is another vital aspect of social etiquette in Wales, and this is very true in the business side of things. Spontaneity is also not acceptable behaviour; instead, schedules are a must or some sort of advance notice. (more…)


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The never-ending rush is the keyword of the modern lifestyle. Everyone is trying to be super productive all the time, to accomplish a million tasks, win all the best job positions, earn more money and be irreplaceable. However, if you are in a rush all the time, you won’t notice that life will pass by very fast without any happy moments and before facing death you will remember only your office. It’s good to be carrier-oriented but you need to feel the joy and explore the world as well. Visiting historical places will help you to admire the moment, fell the flow of time in a different way and get a new perspective. Here we provide you a list of some romantic spots of Wales to enjoy a new taste of life during your next holidays. (more…)

Top 3 indoor activities for rainy days

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Southern Snowdonia is a perfect holiday destination as this place can amaze you with its picturesque landscape, great hiking trails, romantic coastline, and adventurous wildlife. However, the weather in Wales is difficult to forecast and rain can come out of nowhere. But if you think that rainy days can ruin your holidays then you are deeply wrong! There many great indoor attractions that you can visit until the rain stops and you will be able to enjoy your romantic dinner on a cliff. Choose your favorite spot from our TOP3. (more…)

Charming Outdoor Events in Snowdonia

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South Snowdonia in Wales is a region that holds beauty and enriching experiences. A lavish view of mountainous hillside settings and wooded foothills set the scenic splendor the area is known for. Paths, trails and beaches let us explore the spirit of nature. Throughout South Snowdonia’s villages and towns, there is an enchanting culture to be found. Alongside the lush trees and garden ways, a breeze of inspiration fills the air. An emphasis on the arts and the articulation of expression is the whimsical way of life in this coastal side of Wales. (more…)

The Majestic Views of Snowdonia

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Zen and tranquil moments enhance a holiday away from the usual day. When looking to escape the week, you will find solace in the majestic views of South Snowdonia in Wales. Scenic surroundings and charming places invite you to dream under the big blue sky. The blankets of fields and colorful flowers are paired with vast hillsides to explore. Whether you are traveling abroad or are a neighbor to Snowdonia, visiting the region will leave you feeling both rested and rejuvenated.


Mythical Welsh Locations – Part 2

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Dragons at Dinas Emrys

This story is the foundation of Wales’ identity, the one creature of legend that is omnipresent in the country – the red dragon. The tale is a story of King Vortigern who chose this place for a castle and instructed his men to begin building. As they piled the stones on top of each, time after time the walls and structures would fall to the ground, the earth underneath was unstable it seemed.


Mythical Welsh Locations – Part 1

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England on its own is miniscule compared to the many other countries on the globe, Wales attaches itself to this tiny speck of land and comes in even smaller. For such a minute place in the grand scheme of things, Wales is absolutely bountiful when it comes to folklore and Mythology. With a proud red dragon on the country’s flag, the welsh do not steer clear of the legends that have come to make up so much of the mystical fabric behind the place.


Eat Here in Cardiff

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As you can expect the capital city of Wales has a lot going on. From big shows and events to jam packed shopping centers and tourists’ spots, you wont struggle for something to do here. But in the middle of all the activities, or at the end of a day running around from place to place, eventually you are going to get hungry. This is when you really need a guide, because Cardiff is saturated with eateries, some big chains you will know and other independent little numbers, which you wont. However if you put the following places in your itinerary you wont be left starved and confused, so here are some of Cardiff’s best places to eat at.