Culture and Etiquette of The Welsh – Wales Tourism

Travelling to Wales is indeed a delight for people around the region as well as foreigners. Being a legal part of the United Kingdom, most of the culture and etiquette is the same as it is in other parts of the United Kingdom. It is crucial to be polite to every member of the society and remembering to use your thank yous and pleases, well. Talking loudly is frowned upon by people, and those who do are considered to be very blunt and rude. Touching when talking or conversing with people is not known to be received well either. Always remember to maintain your personal bubble as well as others. Timeliness is another vital aspect of social etiquette in Wales, and this is very true in the business side of things. Spontaneity is also not acceptable behaviour; instead, schedules are a must or some sort of advance notice.

Friendliness Has Bounds

While many people love being overly friendly and being around people who are, don’t expect the same here. People can be a little stand-offish and might seem cold at times. It is considered normal for them to be as such throughout the United Kingdom. Politeness is much more important to the people of Wales than being friendly. Belonging to classes is very diligently followed here, and visitors need to respect it. The society is very inclusive of women and believes in respecting their needs to be touched – a feat rarely followed by some communities. Women need first to be willing to extend their hands to a man for a handshake, and men need to wait till they do.

Pride in Their Culture

When you are in a country, it is essential to treat people the way they wish to be treated. It is the same as going to someone’s house and following their house rules. The Welsh have a firm culture, and they take pride in it. The Welsh have fought movements to impose the Welsh language throughout, and visitors are encouraged to at least attempt to speak the same. Welsh people do not like to be referred to as English, so ensure that you get their regions right if you are travelling within the UK when referring to the people. The English and the Welsh have a history of being arch rivals in everything. They do not get along in many things and believe they have their own identity even if they are a part of the United Kingdom. It is easy for a foreigner to forget this and treat them the same. It is best to exercise caution when you refer to their nationalities.

While the Welsh are a firm race and feel very firm about their culture, they are also very understanding. They know that people from other cultures might not understand the way things work in Wales and are willing to make exceptions. However, you can get away with being polite and understanding as well when you visit. They are very hospitable people too. You do not have to worry about being intimidated by them at any point. For those who wish to know a little more about Wales and the Welsh in general, there are several ways you can pick up a few words in Welsh to get you by.