Eat Here in Cardiff

Eat Here in Cardiff

As you can expect the capital city of Wales has a lot going on. From big shows and events to jam packed shopping centers and tourists’ spots, you wont struggle for something to do here. But in the middle of all the activities, or at the end of a day running around from place to place, eventually you are going to get hungry. This is when you really need a guide, because Cardiff is saturated with eateries, some big chains you will know and other independent little numbers, which you wont. However if you put the following places in your itinerary you wont be left starved and confused, so here are some of Cardiff’s best places to eat at.

The Classroom

With so much class they had to put it in their name, this place immediately screams exquisite. Here they do everything right it seems, they have fantastic presentation with dishes that are in satisfying proportions served in shapes that you don’t expect and garnished well. They bake their own bread daily so even the sides that accompany your food are fresh, handmade and satisfying. They also have a separate Veggie and Vegan menu for the meatless members of your party which will save them the time and stress that comes from sifting through the keys of a normal one. On the other hand meat lovers will love the care they take with their dishes and can expect to see a much wider range available here that stretches from rabbit to venison. All of this and the price tag isn’t anywhere near bank breaking.


A newcomer to the scene, Milkwood is an independent and modern bistro. Clearly passionate about what they do, the combinations on your plate here are tried and tested flavours that are designed to delight your taste buds. With this in mind what you are provided does look quite minimal as they don’t want to confuse what’s going on in your mouth. Here you can expect to see very contemporary meals with quite a modern bill at the end of your meal.

Park House

This restaurant and wine bar offers an a la carte menu as well as several tasting menus for you to really get a feel of what they can do in the kitchen. Here they pay great attention to detail as both the star feature on your plate and the accompaniments all tend to sound just as good. Take their unmissable culinary combo the Foie Gras Brûlée for example, already a luxury dish variation you’ve probably never tried, but alongside it comes a sweet granny smith apple sorbet, and a thick salty peanut foam that add exciting flavours and unexpected textures to this already fantastic dish.

The Dough Thrower

Everywhere else sound too fancy or too expensive? This place has got your back, here they do one thing very well – pizza, and who doesn’t love a good pizza? The great thing here is their dough is actually part of what makes them so unique with top grade flour, premium olive oil and a little honey, the base creates a tasty foundation whatever you choose to throw on top of it.