Fantasy Village – Part 2

Fantasy Village – Part 2

Not So Secret

Despite it being a quiet and preserved place to visit, the ‘secret’ of Portmeirion is one that hasn’t exactly been kept well over the years. In fact this sleepy little village has been the destination for several TV series as far back as the 1960’s when it was the destination in the spy fiction show The Prisoner. This show may have been the beginning of the areas rise in popularity as more and more television crews have chosen this charming area as their backdrop including popular British show Doctor Who and Children’s TV series Wigglebiz.

Many musicians have also come here to escape, the colourful look and calm feel of the area are clearly both relaxing and inspiring. Beatles members Paul McCartney and George Harrison have both stayed here early in their career. TV host and musician Jools Holland enjoyed his time here so much that he had buildings at his home designed to emulate the style of Portmeirion. In recent years musicians have flocked here to perform on mass thanks to the annual Festival N°6 which began in 2012. This mix of live music and culture has since featured acts such as New Order, Welshman Gruff Rhys, The Pet Shop Boys, Beck and hundreds more. Meaning that the hideaway town that once was, is no longer so off the radar.

Where to Stay

By now you no doubt are incapable of not making a journey here, so you will need to know where to lay your head when you break through the veil and find yourself in this world of its own. Beginning with the aforementioned castle, Castell Deudraeth is now a four star hotel. Here you can sleep in luxury surrounded by the protective stonewalls of this gothic keep. With only 11 rooms its sure to fully book if you don’t plan ahead, its sizable beds, oak floors and real fires will have you feeling regal in no time.

Another iconic stop is the Hotel Portmeirion, the villages flagship hotel has been operating since 1926 and has just gone from strength to strength. Opened by the man himself Clough Williams-Ellis, this place has the hallmarks of Portmeirion all the way through thanks to its mix of historic and geographical elements such as the Victorian interiors, Italian fireplaces, and the Art Deco dining area. The award-winning restaurant here serves tasteful and exquisite foods all through the day and happily caters to Vegans. From the rooms here you can view the entrancing waters of the adjacent estuary or stare at the mountains of Snowdonia in the distance.

You may just wish to stay amongst the wonders of the village instead which booking one of the many village rooms can easily accomplish. Here rooms or suites are unique and with their own individual charm depending on which quaint abode you pick. Finally if you want to feel even more at home here there are 13 different self catering cottages available for visitors. Stay here if you have a larger group, are independent or are testing the waters for moving to Portmeirion in the near future.