Fantasy Village – Part 3

Fantasy Village – Part 3

Once you arrive at this enchanted place its natural that you are going to want to unwind. The incredible gardens and waterside views hypnotically invite you to drop all of your worries and just relax, benches, patches of grass and the hotel pools will make for your first port of call when you first get here. As the days go on however you will be more open to wandering around the village and seeing what it has to offer, embarking on a mini quest to uncover what the locals have in store.

Eat, Play, Love

Cafes are unquestionably ideal places to disconnect and Portmeirion has a handful that caters to several different tastes as well as some very interesting eateries. Caffi No 6 and Caffi’r Sgwâr both operate as fairly regular coffee houses, with their marine blue paneling and outdoor seating they have a very British seaside feel about them, whereas Caffi Glas effortlessly brings the sensations and tastes of Italy to all of its guests. Here you can watch your pizza get freshly baked or enjoy some filling pasta or a light salad, with cakes and sweeter options available too. And if you are a fan of sugary Italian treats you will be spending all your time at Caffi’r Angel. Here their in-house gelato delights all the guests in the village, with a platter of intense flavours to choose from alongside the classics in their retro café that will chill you out even more. The town hall also provides great food and atmosphere for those stopping by. Open from 10 to 5 everyday the sandwiches, baguettes and hot meals here will keep you going throughout your stay as will the novelty of its 1950’s style diner interior. This is yet another place in Portmeirion which once again pleasantly distorts time for those who stop by.

For those truly wanting to commit to leaving their troubles elsewhere, the Mermaid Spa here is going to be your top priority. In a peaceful soft-lit environment you will be pampered by expert therapists who only use the best completely natural, and cruelty free products so that every part of your experience is calming and mindful. There are full body massages, seaweed and mud wraps as well as salt scrubs and hot stone treatments all available here. Ideal for special occasions here makeup and hair styling are available as are day packages for several hours of decompression and downtime.

If retail therapy is more your thing, you aren’t at a loss here either, Portmeirion has a great selection of shops where you can purchase everything from handmade crafted items like mugs and jewelry to brand name clothes, gifts and gadgets from some of the biggest name stores on the high street. Browse products from Laura Ashley, Wild and Wolf, Ted Baker and more. This once virtually unknown village has grown into a delightful one of a kind getaway in Wales, boasting both natural beauty and a magical time warping sense all around it that makes it impossible to ignore and just as hard to leave.