Halloween In Wales Part 1

Halloween In Wales Part 1

The spookiest time of the year is approaching with flame faced pumpkins and tales of ghouls and monstrous figures. With all the legends that lurk around the valleys of Wales its no surprise that here among the dark caves and misty hills, there are plenty of events for those who like to feel afraid. With a bone chilling selection to choose from, lovers of horror will be torn in two trying to decide which ways in particular they want to be forced into jumping out of their skin.

X Scream

This inventive and intense experience is one not to be missed. Returning for its third consecutive year, the team at X Scream get extremely creative wit the way that they tackle horror revising their overall theme each year to frighten new visitors and returning ones over and over again. The 2018 exhibition is called Once Upon a Time and is a horror-centric take on fairy tales. Viciously tearing pages from the much-loved stories of the Brothers Grimm and intermeshing them with feared cinematic stories such as the exorcist – X Scream makes for a blood curdling witches brew of an experience. Get ready to see first hand decaying zombie sleeping beauty, devilish bloodthirsty dwarves, a hungry little red werewolf and twisted tales of a horrifying manner. As expected in such a demanding environment soaked in adult content, this tour comes with an aged 16 and over certification, which can only mean it is as traumatising as advertised. Guests will be exposed to a series of anxiety inducing scenarios that are horrifyingly interactive. Sets both indoors and outdoors, blood covered props and nightmarishly convincing actors will all take part in making guests sweat through their clothes in this dark and imaginative horror experience.

Craig-Y-Nos The Most Haunted Castle in Wales

Craig-Y-Nos which in English means rock of the night, is a somewhat symbolic name for a place where visitors will experience almost no sleep. Said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the British Isles, this large manor property hosts a stream of ghost tours that take those intrigued by the paranormal all around its many unsettling rooms. Halloween is a particularly busy time for tours here but those willing can even take part in all night experiences that include food and accommodation, though its unlikely you will be doing much sleeping. The rate of unnatural experiences that have occurred here is impressive but not too surprising once you know its history. In the early 1900’s this building became a hospital to treat patients with tuberculosis, however many patients were defeated by the bout with the fatal disease and thus it seems heir spirits remain. One of the most active (and there for petrifying) rooms in the house is the former children’s ward where many met their end. Investigators have seen all manner of unexplainable apparitions in here from clear voices to the appearance of full bodies walking the halls. Anyone who wishes to come face to face with the dead are welcome to book a tour in this anchor of horrifying history.