Halloween In Wales – Part 2

Halloween In Wales – Part 2

Oakwood Theme Park

For those looking for thrills as well as Halloween chills then this may be the spook-tacle for you. With a day full of rides and activities that include wooden roller coasters, giant soacking flumes and even the UK’s biggest sky swing – Oakwood has enough to keep the young and old entertained before the witching hours. But once it does start to get dark and the sun itself hides away from the villainous creatures that bump in the night, a whole new exciting adventure begins ready to make you scream. Beginning on the 20th this 2018 spooktactulcar changes the park into a different place altogether. The atmosphere becomes a little creepier as witch hunts and haunted houses open up for exploration. Later on, the HideRun maze will scare the wits out of those crazy enough to enter while those still riding can experience the action in the dark. A fun family day out and a spooky night time event all rolled into one leaves Oakwood Theme Park a prized pumpkin for October day outs.

Terror Mountain

At the silver mountain Experience not too far from Aberyswyth lies Terror Mountain, an All Hallows event with multiple exhibitions. With a mix of themes from different horror favourites this place packed full of fear has something for every fan. Their Relic exhibit begins to instill the sense of the unnatural as visitors are invited to walk around an interact with the various oddities on display in the Ponterwyd Museum. Creepily fresh human skulls, old magical trinkets and indescribable objects floating in formaldehyde coat every wall, shelf and tabletop here as you walk through lost arcane discoveries of time.

Then with your nerves intact enter Summoning. This Ouija board group interaction has visitors attempt to contact the spirits of the beyond. Atmospherically lit by candlelight, groups will ask questions to the souls beyond the veil and may make contact with some entities that may wish not to be disturbed. There may be consequences for waking these malevolent beings from their slumber, thus you will soon embark upon the next event – Retribution.

This is where visitors are asked to look inward to their past wrong doings and see if they are worthy to escape the pits of the underworld. Thrown into a hellish landscape of brimstone and crimson flame, demonic creatures and tortured souls roam every corner of this display which is not for the faint of heart. Finally, those pure enough of heart who have been released back into the world by the lord of darkness will find themselves deep in the Unknown. Facts and fiction become blurry in this area as sightings of beings that can only be described as alien are rife. Wander through unnatural landscapes and wade through the mists of uncertainty with caution as not all life in here is friendly. There will definitely be close encounters at this end of the mountain. If you are still eager to visit, grab the Ultimate Terror Pass to gain access to all attractions on all dates this year – if you dare.