Horror Night in Wales – Fearfest Evil

Horror Night in Wales – Fearfest Evil

Fearfest is a name that seems to be plastered everywhere in the run up to Halloween, ranging from cornfield mazes to haunted houses. The frightening fun has become ever popular in recent years and Wales is not shy about getting onboard. During October the National Diving and activity Centre in Tidenham gets a macabre makeover as it becomes the treacherous tour that is Fearfest Evil. Here a trio of walks threaten to torture trespassers as visitors are scared out of their wits in a series of uncanny locations.

Firstly, their Tales of The Dark section invites the fearless to enter its claustrophobic opening and walk through its unnerving woodland. The twisting trees, blackened barks and finger-like branches make for a walk in the woods that you never wanted to experience, this area will bring fear and delight to those familiar with the Blair Witch. Those who survive the outdoors are then able to enter the house of horrors where more mind-bending pathways await. Inside here visitors will have to navigate the ever-changing corridors of an evil living house. The maze that lies within feels like it’s trying to consume all those who enter, while the atmosphere of this decaying old house makes for an environment anyone would want to leave in a hurry – if they can find the exit. For those who are fortunate enough to make it this far a final challenge awaits in the form of Platform 13.

Onlookers will discover the remains of an old railway line and eventually may even find the carriage that once rode upon it. This remnant of the past, trapped in time, seems to have brought with it a darkness that hangs in the air. For those who are daring enough, further exploration may uncover just where this old steam train passed through and what otherworldly entities it brought back with it.
If visitors haven’t already been carted away by an ambulance or the insane asylum by this time, adrenaline junkies can get a final couple of fear fixes on the accompanying zip-line and 3G swing. The 70ft high, 700 metre long wire zip offers a speedy retreat from the horrors behind. Soaring off a cliff over dark, deep waters where horrors lurk and entering the quarry will make for an exciting finale to a night of terror. But it doesn’t have to end there. The 3G swing offers a unique and heart stopping experience. Strapped in and hoisted 50ft up, its no down to you to make the final move and pull the ripcord that will send you skyward.

Launching out at nearly 250ft above the disappearing quarry below, those who can stomach the immense rush in the darkness will really have a story to tell as they swing back and forth taking in the view.

When its finally time to settle down, live music and refreshments are available in the marquee. For those few brave souls who want the fun to continue all night, the venue also offers accommodation in the form of a wigwam cabins. But good look sleeping after all that.