Relax and Recollect – Part 2

Relax and Recollect – Part 2

Lake Country House

If fresh air is more your cup of tea the Lake Country House Hotel and Spa may be the one for you. In Powys, Mid Wales this Manor House sits at the top of lush green grounds that span in all directions. The crisp clean air here is also accompanied by several available outdoor activities such as fishing, golf and horse riding, but you may just prefer to take a seat on the grass and breathe in the nature in the many botanical gardens at this country escape. Inside the Spa provides all the known essentials as aromatherapy facials are coupled with Mediterranean massages and mud wraps are performed alongside bamboo therapy. For later in the evening the house becomes a stage to chat with other guests or simply wind down on its many classically upholstered chairs. Enjoy tea by a log fire or play cards in the orangery before retiring to one of the sizable bedrooms.

Ruthin Castle

Also, away from the hustle and bustle of city life is Ruthin Castle. This retreat at the Clwydian Range in North Wales will give you an even more regal feel as you spend your time in the same building as kings and queens of old. The spa here actually sits alongside the castles original moat and provides a significantly historical backdrop to the luxury treatments available within. One of the signature treatments here is the Rasul Experience. This series of cleansing methods takes its inspiration from Arabian tradition and includes mud treatments, steams and salt scrubs. But the real delight here comes from the expansive rooms built around the castle’s layout. Each indulgent suite is named after a wealthy visitor of the past who also rested within the thick stone walls. The four poster beds and classic furnishings remind you of the long history of your dwelling, while creature comforts such as Nespresso machines in each room keep your modern essentials at arms reach. Those really wanting to splash out can even stay in the Prince Of Wales suite that occupies the tower. This whole floor private area is adorned wall to wall with expensive stained woods and also comes with a walk-in shower and 24 hour in room dining.

The Quay

From the heights of the castle all the way back down to sea level, The Quay sits on the waters of the Conwy Estuary. The pool and spa here give you the chance take your time away in whatever form you wish with its packages based around either renewing your energy, reviving your joy or ridding yourself of the stresses from your environment. Eating here gives guests a chance to sample some locally sourced fish while they exhale beside the water. Night time visitors will adore the wonderful sunset views that coat the marina in orange light. With the view of boats bobbing on the calm waves, the treetoped hills in the distance and the shimmering waters right next to you, this picturesque location provides all the amenities you need for a trip out of the city.