Superior Christmas Dinner – Part 1

Superior Christmas Dinner – Part 1

Christmas dinner is renowned for being a laborious task, and often a thankless one at that since now the tradition has overwritten the practicality of serving food for extended families. The whole thing is time consuming, stress inducing and after you have finally consumed all your efforts, then you have to clean up the messiest kitchen you have seen since last year. It makes sense that you might not be excited about doing all that again so why not treat yourself to something different this year? Wales offers a great selection of fine dining options where you can eat the tastiest dishes without breaking a sweat, here are some desirable locations you may want to consider.

Bodysgallen Hall

Sat atop of Pydew Mountain this grand Manor house is a high-class getaway. With accommodation over Christmas this could well be the retreat you have earned after all the Christmases gone by. The stunning grounds here include a beautiful and elaborate set of gardens, both open lawns and uniquely trimmed hedges that make for a visual treat. With their property ranging over a total of 200 acres, there is plenty of space to walk but you may wish to stay cozy indoors thanks to their spa and treatment areas. Christmas here is threefold; it starts on Christmas Eve with drinks in the reception followed by dinner and treats later on for anyone who exited to attend midnight mass. On the big day you will be served with plates full of traditional Christmas dinner while you enjoy the company and atmosphere of the house, followed by a buffet supper later on in the evening. Boxing Day allows more time for swimming, massages, steaming and more as you find your favourite way to work off yesterday’s dinner. Finally, to bid you farewell there is champagne, live harp music and even more food to keep you content on the road.


This purpose-built restaurant sits on the shoreline with the sands right outside its door and the views from its glass dining areas made infinite by the horizon. What’s different about coast is that although everything about its look and its quality is as expected from a top-class eatery, their service is fairly informal. Though professional they aren’t one for over the top formality, as can be seen by their jovial tattooed head chef. This means that this could be the perfect for a Christmas Day location for anyone who isn’t versed or excited by the upper-class pleasantries of a manor home, here you can relax, unwind and not have to worry about your appearance or enjoying yourself too loudly. The menu here is just as inviting as its laid-back approach with locally sourced ingredients where possible your Christmas dinner is set to be fresh and filling. Start with Goose Liver or maybe haddock with Bacon foam, get stuck into a turkey or maybe a halibut with truffled potatoes and finish up with a luscious chocolate ganache or a classic Christmas pudding. These options and more will make you wonder why you haven’t spent Christmas dinner here before.