Superior Christmas Dinner – Part 2

Superior Christmas Dinner – Part 2


For a modern menu of captivating Christmas culinary creations why not visit this hotel in the town of Llandeilo. Cawdor is a fairly petite establishment compared to chain hotels you may be more familiar with, here their ample 25 rooms allow them to focus less on the cleaning and more on the guest services which include their exemplary dining. Proud of their heritage they strive to make sure as many of their ingredients are from Wales as possible meanwhile their menu is filled with indulgent savoury and sweet presents for your palate.

Their Christmas Day selection features starters that include a trio of salmon including the soft silky smoked variety and a gin and tonic cured special. Following a refreshing cleanser of mulled wine sorbet you can then choose from the British favourite turkey accompanied by bacon wrapped sausages, Welsh roasted sirloin with red wine gravy, a nut and cranberry roast for vegetarians or even sea bass on saffron risotto. All of this is finalized with a Christmas pudding or instead a plate of desserts.

Grey Restaurant at Hilton Cardiff

If you love a good hotel and are fond of the bigger brands then you already know the reputation of the Hilton, and Cardiff’s offering is no different. Get all the contemporary features of an up to date hotel and know that all your creature comforts will be catered to. Dining here for Christmas means you get to munch on their hearty menu which opens with delights such as ham hock & foie gras terrine, then proceeds to the selection of finely cooked meats hand cut by their chefs, a highlight being their honey & rosemary roasted lamb. Finish it all of with a dark chocolate and salted caramel tart and tea or coffee, which can be followed up by one from their Costa just down the corridor. Staying and eating at the Hilton may not be the most groundbreaking option, but its safe, easy, and you know you will be in good hands.

The Hardwick

With their kitchen led by chef Stephen Terry who has traveled the world and cooked alongside greats such as Marco Pierre White to acquire his Michellin stars, this restaurant in South Wales is a hidden Gem of quality that wont break your bank account. With an expansive regular daily menu, their Christmas one is luckily a little more concise which means you won’t spend all day choosing which great dish you want to enjoy. Its easy to see at just a quick glance that the dishes here are a little more experimental than those elsewhere, which makes for a much more exciting and surprising taste experience. Start your Christmas dinner of with a warming Squash soup that comes with savoury granola, creamy yogurt and is dressed with roast pumpkin seed oil. And if that doesn’t sound up your street why not try their pear salad with Boksberg blue cheese for a mix of smooth and fruity flavours interlaced with the twang of winter chicory and topped with walnuts. Mains obviously include turkey breast, the choice of salmon or beetroot and goats cheese risotto cake. Dessert comes in the form of a date loaf with toffee sauce or an intriguing bread & butter pudding brûlée.