The National Showcaves Centre – Part 2

The National Showcaves Centre – Part 2

Back inside Dan-yr-Ogof, angelic formations, indoor lakes and pillars of alabaster reside within the other explorable cavernous areas. But for those more intrigued by human history than geological ones will also have a go to exhibit. Ogof yr Esgyrn or  The Bone Cave, takes its very literal name from the discovery that was made in the deeper sections of tunnels down below. One of its chambers in particular had several interesting and significant items unearthed including jewelry, Roman pottery and most importantly the remains of over forty human skeletons. The scattered bones and skulls have been further assessed and are dated as remnants of the bronze age. Here in the Bone Cave, exhibits accompanied by further detail and wax works showcase the history that unraveled here, the way that humans existed in cave structures amongst other animals such as cave dwelling bears.

Jurassic Experience

Another one of the National Showcaves Centre’s fantastic features is one that suits the animal lover and the historian alike, because who doesn’t love dinosaurs. In the unexpected Welsh hills is one of the worlds largest dinosaur parks, home to over two hundred life size models. Fans of Steven Speilberg’s blockbuster Jurassic Park will no doubt feel right at home in this mastodonic display. Set to simulate their activities in their natural habitat here raptors can be found lurking in the long grass and brontosaurus’ can be seen mid stretch as they reach their necks for high foliage. Streams are packed with various breeds all huddling at the watering hole and some even try to escape becoming dinner for deadly beasts like the unforgettable T-Rex. It’s a sight that is not to be missed that will no doubt bring even the most elderly of visitors back to their curious childhood.

For Scholars

Overwhelmingly this isn’t all that the centre has to offer. It also boasts a museum kitted out with the latest technology displays to help with interactive learning. Here you can delve deeper into the data surrounding the dinosaurs dotted about the park as well as the history of the environment as a whole. Study bones, hear sounds, and explore the caves digitally in this walk through exhibit that can be enjoyed at an individual pace. And for those who really want to get involved with the materials of the past there both a fossil house and the opportunity to practice panning for gold. Budding archeologists can rummage through sands and stone as they reveal lost artifacts needing careful brushing before removal. Gold diggers can sit comfortably by a custom made stream and filter through sediment for desirable metals.

If this all sounds like too much, accompanying parents will be happy to know there is a café on site too for a much more leisurely activity or a welcome break between exhibits. The gift shop will also no doubt be welcomed by the less excitable visitor as well as those angling for something to take home. This award winning location has almost anything a family looking for a non-stop day out could look for.