The Underground Adventures in Snowdonia

If you find yourself seeking an adventure, you may look to mountain peaks and swimming in the sea. Snowdonia, Wales adds a twist along the path with an array of Underground journeys.  Exploring below the surface brings a fresh yet exhilarating experience to Snowdonia. You will find a range of activities and sites that will appeal to everyone who visits. From calm and easy moving to fast paced thrills, adding Underground adventures to your itinerary is a must have in Wales.

Snowdonia is well known for their vivid scenic routes which magically flow beneath the region. Creative components have put together tours and sites to see for all those who visit the Snowdonia side of Wales. Included on the itinerary is grandeur views with a side of an adventurous spirit.

Sygun Copper Mine

Get your hard hats ready for activities that will lead you both top and bottom side of a copper mine. Enjoy a self-guided video tour through brilliant color schemes. Stalactite and Stalagmite formations date back through generations of history. As you finish your travels through the mines, you will find a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy and some treats to choose from. Suited for all ages, call ahead for the scheduled times and bring the whole family.

Go Below Underground Adventures

A trio design will take your breath away as you partake and go below in an adrenaline rising day. An amazing venture offers the worlds longest zipline underneath the surface. Take a boat across a beautiful underground lake while getting prepared to climb a waterfall. On this trip you will visit the deepest part of the UK, have the opportunity to freefall seventy feet and literally have the thrilling experience of a lifetime.

King Arthurs Labyrinth

Mystical caverns bring tales and lore to life as you wind your way down through the welsh path laid before you. Characters and legends lend a story waiting for you to become a part of the Arthurian world. Special mazes and quizzes to win will intrigue inquisitive minds and the bold at heart. The Dragon River will lead you to further quests as you observe the several shops and crafted goods available.

Zip World Caverns

Just as its name depicts, zip lining adventures await! Zip lines and Rope bridges bring you deep into the cavers with spectacular scenes. The rocky texture and colorful expressions fill the setting with a lasting memory you will never forget. Fully staffed and a safety first procedure will have you up and zip lining in no time. They have a smaller step feature to an extreme team allure with a variety of options to suit your needs. Navigating your way through the diverse depths, travels and activities that will welcome you to the Underground of Snowdonia.

Take your pick of any one or all of these Underground explorations. Snowdonia is a highlight of wales that you have to see to believe. Join the adventure and become a part of the magic with your own journey.