Top 3 indoor activities for rainy days

Southern Snowdonia is a perfect holiday destination as this place can amaze you with its picturesque landscape, great hiking trails, romantic coastline, and adventurous wildlife. However, the weather in Wales is difficult to forecast and rain can come out of nowhere. But if you think that rainy days can ruin your holidays then you are deeply wrong! There many great indoor attractions that you can visit until the rain stops and you will be able to enjoy your romantic dinner on a cliff. Choose your favorite spot from our TOP3.

1. Snowdon Mountain Railway

There is no surprise we start this list with the world’s oldest narrow-gauge railway. Probably, you have already heard about the 100-year-old Snowdon Mountain Railway that is the highlight of the region but believe in us – it’s worth to try it. The gauge opened in 1896 is almost 7,5 km long and works despite the weather conditions. You can jump in the train consisted of old-fashioned steam locomotives and wooden carriages at the Llanberis station and reach the summit of Snowdon which is the highest point in Wales. The views along this route are nothing but wonderful and will give you a feeling like you would be acting in one of Harry Potter movies.

As this tourist attraction is very popular, it’s highly recommended to book your trip in advance. You can do it by phone or just visit the website. It is possible to choose between different trains, timetables and ticket prices. The best thing is you can take your dog to enjoy this ride but make sure you have informed the stuff before your trip.

2. The National Slate Museum

2. The National Slate Museum

The National Slate Museum

Don’t miss a chance to visit the National Slate Museum while waiting for your ride as it is situated in Llanberis as well. The place was established in the middle of the 19th century as the waterwheel and later the Victorian style workshops were built here. The Museum originally opened in 1972 and most of the exhibits were used as the working tools of quarrymen and engineers who worked at this place, so visiting this place would be a great education to kids and adults.  The entry is free, but you must make a reservation in advance. TIP: there is a cozy lunchroom where you can bring your own food, or you can order some hot dishes right there at the authentic café.

3. Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle

If railway or machinery is not your cup of tea and you are looking for some romantic views and heroic stories, then the Harlech Castle located in the western part of the Snowdonia National Park is a must for you. This castle can be found in Welsh myth about the tragic heroine Branwen and her daughter Llyr. There is no surprise that Harlech Castle was mentioned in myths as it stands all grey and mystery surrounded by the small town, sea, and mountains. Honestly, the view from the rooftop is breathtaking so you are going to believe in any myths about it.

This castle was built around the year 1289 by King Edward I. It survived many wars and had a lot of different owners. Today, Harlech Castle is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites and can be called a tourist magnet.